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Global travel planning and management
Milestone planning for once-in-a-lifetime events
Day-to-day help

Anywhere, any time... with service beyond expectations
NEXTLEVEL makes your desires turn into experiences.

The highest level of excellence

This is a concierge service dedicated to individuals, which:

Seeks ways of saving time – your time –
to make you a gift of it
Liberates you from tedious tasks,
giving you unparalleled leisure to enjoy yourself

Taking over tedious daily tasks, setting up a last-minute business or leisure trip, organizing a family event or an unforgettable evening with your friends – these are all services that require an ability to listen, creativity and commitment from your concierge.

After we have met and discussed your needs, NEXTLEVEL will make you an offer that truly reflects your personality, lifestyle and way of being.

NEXTLEVEL will then draw on their skills and carefully selected purveyors of services to find the ideal solution for you, in total discretion, so that you can really make the most of your newfound freedom.

Geetha Buchholzer, founder of nextlevel

When you talk to Geetha Buchholzer for the first time, you quickly forget that she was a teacher. Her passion lies in promoting the art of good living and taking the time to genuinely enjoy unique, unforgettable, authentic moments.

Geetha created NEXTLEVEL in response to growing need from private individuals seeking state-of-the-art services.

During a rich and varied career within and outside France, she has built up a large network of professional contacts, which she uses for your benefit. She is highly conversant with luxury values and uncompromising in terms of quality, applying the same high standards to your requirements as those she applies to herself.

We invite to leave the ordinary to enjoy the extraordinary with us. All our projects are carried out with confidentiality as we respect your privacy.

Always on task and rigorous in her masterful work, Geetha brings sophistication and simplicity into perfect balance for each task she takes in hand (enlever with utmost discretion).

Tailor-made services

NextLevel is the perfect antidote to your busy lifestyle, giving you the freedom to lead the life you want.

Our interpersonal skills make us expert at seeking out excellence and providing satisfaction, while our management skills are guaranteed by our experience and ability to listen.

The range of services presented here is not exhaustive. A meeting and discussion will give us a fuller picture of what you are looking for. We will then be able to anticipate your needs and offer you a tailor-made service.

We suggest choosing one of our time-credit options, which provide greater responsiveness and make it easier to use our services. And if you need further information before committing yourself, we are entirely at your disposal.

The services listed here are not exhaustive. NEXTLEVEL strive to meet your needs, whatever they may be.


 Pour vous faire gagner du temps, pour gérer l’ordinaire et préparer l’extraordinaire, NEXTLEVEL est présent à chaque instant… 

  • Validez votre paiement sur la plateforme Paypal. Accédez à votre espace membre et commandez immédiatement vos premiers services NEXTLEVEL.
  • Votre compte NEXTLEVEL est chargé en crédits-temps qui seront déduits selon vos requêtes. Par exemple :
     - un week-end à Paris comprenant les transferts aéroport, les billets d’avion, la réservation de restaurants vous revient à environ 500 crédits.
    100 crédits vous permettent de vous offrir une prestation de pressing, de cordonnerie ou de fleuriste. 
  • Une ou plusieurs propositions commentées et chiffrées vous sont communiquées. NEXTLEVEL négocie pour vous les meilleurs prix.
  • La prestation est facturée soit par le prestataire ou la conciergerie NEXTLEVEL.
Discovery Level 250€ prepaid credits
  • 1000 credits
  • Monday through Friday 9AM to 6PM
  • After hours, holidays and weekend services incur additional cost*
Dream Level 750€ prepaid credits
  • 3000 credits
  • Monday through Friday 9AM to 8PM
  • After hours, holidays and weekend services incur additional cost*
Elite Level 1000€ prepaid credits
  • 4000 credits
  • Monday through Friday 8AM to 8PM & Saturday 8AM to 6PM
  • After hours, holidays and Sunday services incur additional cost*

* After hours, weekend and holiday services are available for an additional charge of 25%. We will do everything possible to accomodate an urgent request.
Trouvez ici des réponses sur la page FAQs.

Make enquiry

We look forward to talking with you about your needs or event; whether a one-time objective or recurring scheduled service.

We will reply to all requests for services within 36 hours.

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F-68170 Rixheim

+33 (0)6 08 58 27 42 
@ contact@nextlevel-concierge.com

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